Is it necessary to eat any special food for getting certain nutrition?

People frequently ask, “What foods should I eat to treat my illness?” “What foods should I eat to meet my nutrient requirements?” “What foods should I eat to be healthy?” and so on. My response to all such inquiries will be, “Don’t ask me what to eat; ask me how to eat.” Because whatever you eat, if you eat it properly, your body will produce all the required nutrition from it. Rather than knowing what to eat, learn how to eat foods properly. Any food, if consumed properly, will eventually get all the nutrients the body needs after digestion.

Let me give an example to understand the human body, digestive system, and food function. Let’s imagine a poor woman in a rural village, she had never consumed any nutritious food and only eats plain rice daily in her whole life. She got married one day. Is she capable of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child?

If she gives birth to a baby, Is the infant going to have eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, and all internal organs? Will they be functional? Will that baby’s body have bones, skin, teeth, and will that child grow up? Will that baby’s body have all the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and an immune system?

The answer to all of the above questions will be “yes!” Isn’t it?

Whatever nutrients are present in the body of a baby born to wealthy parents will also be present in the body of the indigent parent’s baby. There is no difference in the anatomical structure between a child born with a silver spoon and a child from a poor household. Children from poor households will be healthier than children from wealthier households. Because a poor child eats less and his body can digest it perfectly. The real fact is, that decent digestion is more influential than nutritious foods.

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