What causes children’s fatigue, drowsiness, and laziness? Numerous students today find it challenging to focus on their schoolwork. Some of them are exhausted, drowsy, and listless at home and at school. Some children are more prone to illness than others. Such issues arise when a child’s body is deprived of energy. Even if a child regularly eats well-balanced meals, they are still at risk for these health issues.

According to our understanding, we consume food to sustain our bodies’ vitality and nutrition. If food makes us physically stronger, then eating it should make us feel more energized and strong. However, this is not the case; the majority of people feel lethargic and sleepy after eating. A similar circumstance affects several children. This type of health issue arises as a result of a malfunctioning digestive system.

The majority of health issues in children begin when parents feed them according to the time on the wall clock. Only when a person is hungry does the digestive system get ready for digestion. When children eat without being hungry, their bodies are unable to properly digest the food. Due to incomplete digestion, the body was unable to produce sufficient energy.

If kids eat before their digestive systems are ready to handle it, their digestive systems could get tired or weak. Parents should only feed their children if they express an appetite. If consumed without hunger, food will remain in the stomach for several hours. That food might deteriorate in the stomach in the same way it does on the table.

Children should be taught to pay attention to their food and not do other things while eating, like talking, listening to music, using a cell phone, etc. If children eat when they’re hungry and chew their food well before swallowing, it will be broken down and give them enough energy. Those children will be healthier and more active.

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