For better healing outcomes, Reiki healers are advised to follow the following guidelines.

1. Before beginning therapy, healers should meditate for at least 15 minutes.
2. The healer should request God and the Universe for their blessings, direction, protection, and assistance before administering any treatments.
3. Describe the Reiki treatment to the recipient in a few words.
4. Ask the receiver to lie down on a bed or sit up straight in a chair.
5. Request that the patient unwind and be silent for ten minutes prior to the treatment.
6. The intention of the sender and the receiver should be the sameā€”health recovery.
7. Before beginning the healing process, the healer should mentally construct a self-protective shield.
8. Begin the treatment by clearing the receiver’s aura and any other energy blocks.
9. After cleansing, transfer the Reiki energy to the patient by touching or without touching.
10. If necessary, channel more Reiki energy to the affected area.
11. While sending healing, pay attention to how energy flows into the healer’s body and out to the recipient.
12. The healing process is complete when the energy flow slows down or stops.
13. The recipient should have faith that the illnesses can be cured and that their health can be restored.
14. Encourage the patient to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.
15. After the session, express gratitude to God, nature, and Reiki energy.

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