Diseases are often caused by poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve put together a list of ten life-enhancing practices to enjoy a healthy life for the rest of our lives. If anyone is currently suffering from a disease, they may be able to treat it by just changing their lifestyle rather than taking medication.

1. Only eat when you’re hungry.
We should only eat when we are hungry in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Our digestive system will be able to adequately digest the food and produce the required nutrition if we eat when we are hungry. When food is consumed without hunger, it is never properly absorbed and lingers in the stomach for lengthy periods of time, potentially producing staleness in the abdomen. The leftover foods will cause poor digestion, harm to the digestive organs, and possibly sickness.

2. Eat only as much as your tummy can manage.
If a person consumes more food than their body requires, excess food is deemed waste by the body’s systems. Those excess foods will never be properly digested and will end up as waste.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Fresh foods provide sufficient energy for the human body, however, the nutrients in the food are lost or degraded when it is cooked. Half-cooked vegetables and fruits could provide the body with the energy it requires to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water unless you are thirsty.
The optimal body temperature for humans is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 37 degrees Celsius). When consuming too much water or cold water, the body temperature will decrease. It will disturb the stomach and fatigue the internal organs.

5. Get a decent night’s sleep.
The human body is built to function in unison with nature’s cycle. The activities of man should begin with the rising of the sun and end with the setting of the sun. The human body cleans undigested foods, eliminates body waste, and repairs damage during the night. Internal and external organs begin to degrade when a person works late at night and refuses to let their bodies rest. Toxins will begin to accumulate in the body, resulting in diseases. Every day, everyone should go to bed before 10 p.m.

6. Maintain a clean body.
Controlling the waste disposal mechanism of the body is not a good idea. Urine and faeces should not be trapped in the intestine and should not be detained. When elimination is postponed, the body suffers severe consequences.

7. Do not obstruct the body’s natural detoxification and waste removal mechanisms.
Fever, cold, flu, cough, vomit, diarrhoea, and other similar symptoms should not be disturbed. At the same time, those disturbances are assisting the body in cleaning itself. The flu clears the lungs; vomiting clears the stomach; diarrhoea clears the intestines; and so on. Wastes become hazardous compounds in the body when waste disposal is hindered, resulting in illness.

8. When you’re exhausted, have a rest.
When the body feels tired, it means that its energy reserves are depleted and that it needs a break to restore them. Some people drink coffee to stay awake while working, driving, or doing other activities. It’s not a good idea to drink or eat anything while you’re exhausted because it’s harmful to your health. As a result of this behaviour, internal organs will drain.

9. Avoid and minimise the use of chemicals.
Chemicals are used to make or contain everything we use daily, including soap, shampoo, makeups, lotions, and other cosmetics. The majority of our food is also processed with chemicals. Chemical drugs can cause a wide range of side effects and diseases. Chemicals are extremely difficult to be removed from the human body. Those chemicals may accumulate in the body, resulting in organ failure.

10. Keep your mind calm.
When the mind is disturbed, an imbalance occurs, which leads to illness. Each emotion weakens a related organ, causing illness. Please do maintain a peaceful state of mind at all times.

Humans can live a long and healthy life simply by doing these things. If there are any disorders, they can be treated without the need for medicine.

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