A Holistic Reiki attunement and practice can provide a person with a variety of advantages. The following is a summary of some of them:

1. The chakra and aura will be strong, pure, and clean.
2. The body’s strength and good health will be preserved.
3. A calm and tranquil state of mind develops.
4. Gaining respect and influence in the family and community
5. Getting direction from the Universe
6. Increased intelligence and reasoning capacity
7. Life will be easy and simple to live.
8. Enjoy a happy and satisfying family life.
9. Improving mental and physical health
10. Illnesses and suffering will be cured, resulting in better health.
11. Boost reproductive vigour.
12. The face skin gets glowing and bright.
13. Protection from black magic and evil spirits.
14. The negative energies that surround us will become neutral.
15. Enough wealth accumulation.

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