What type of food should be consumed to obtain the necessary nutrients?
Aren’t many nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, sodium, glucose, vitamins, and minerals, required for foetal formation? Undoubtedly, pregnant women require all these nutrients during pregnancy. However, how do women in poor nations get essential nutrients during pregnancy, when they can’t even afford balanced meals?

Most of the poor women in India didn’t consume so-called healthy or nutritious foods. Then, how did those women’s bodies produce all the necessary nutrition just by having simple foods? How did the baby in the womb acquire all the necessary vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, fat, and all other nutrients for growing? Where did those women’s bodies obtain nutrients from? The truth is, those women’s bodies produced all the necessary nutrition from the simple food they consumed daily.

Just by consuming simple food, their body can produce all the nutrition that is required to develop and sustain the health of the foetus. It may sound strange and be difficult to believe, nonetheless, this is the truth and reality of the human digestive system. Even today, in rural India and other developing countries, people don’t choose or eat any specific foods to fulfil their nutritional needs. They are living healthy and strong by eating porridge or other simple foods.

It is not necessary to consume any specific or health-conscious foods, but it is necessary to understand and practise proper eating practices. Simply eat what you like or want on hand, It’s up to your body to handle it.

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