1. If you don’t feel hungry, do not eat.
  2. Do not respond to the time on the clock, eat only if you’re hungry.
  3. Drink less water while eating.
  4. When your stomach is full, put down your fork.
  5. Feel the meal, savour it, and taste it properly.
  6. Before swallowing, chew until the taste of the dish changes.
  7. Do not drink water 30 minutes before and after meals.
  8. Consume food that is beneficial to your body and easy to digest.
  9. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
  10. At night, eat less.
  11. Drink water only if you’re thirsty.
  12. Each time, only drink half a glass.
  13. Drink from a glass rather than from a bottle.
  14. Drinking water should not be boiled or filtered deeply.
  15. It’s best not to eat and drink at the same time.

Whatever you eat, as long as it is digestible, your body will be able to generate all the necessary nutrients.

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