Each individual has a unique physical structure, weight, height, body parts and organs, and so forth. Every day, the food, and drinks consumed by each individual will be unique. Each person’s employment, daily rotational activities, lifestyle, habits, outdoor activities, and so on will be unique. They also differ in their reasoning and mental health.

When everyone has a varied physical and mental form and lives a different lifestyle, how could their bodies need to be the same? Allopathic physicians advise an average glucose level, blood pressure level, body fat level, body weight, height, and so-called normal. Is this even possible? Is there a standard level that everyone should adhere to? No, it’s impossible because interpreting average or normal is just a business. Misleading information used is by drug companies to market their drugs.

Millions of humans are in our world. Every single human on this planet is precious with individuality. None of them was alike in any manner, physically, or mentally. Every single person leads a unique life, and no one can be compared to the others. Even in a family, each family member lives a different kind of lifestyle; therefore their body needs will differ from each other.

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