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This website will serve as a beneficial platform for those interested in learning and mastering the amazing art of Reiki. Reiki is not limited to healing; further, Reiki is a lifestyle, and Reiki leads to a satisfactory life.

This website will be a one-stop solution for all your curiosity about Reiki. You can also make the best use of this website to discover more about the soul, mind, body, energy, and human life. In a nutshell, all the articles, videos, online classes, and products on this website will assist you in safeguarding your health; regaining and restoring your degenerated health; maintaining your mental well-being; cleansing and removing the negativity in your aura and chakras as well as stimulating them thereafter; improving family and social relationships; and enhancing financial positions.

For more than 15 years, I have been practising and researching Reiki, its functions, characteristics, and benefits. I am delighted to share my experiences with you. For a more in-depth understanding and clear insight into the contents and concepts cited on this website, I recommend that readers read the articles often.

When you comprehend, realise, and practice the methods mentioned here and observe the minute changes taking place in your physical, mental, emotional, and social life, you will begin to witness the transformation within you. Each little transformation will be beneficial to the self, family, and society as a whole.

Raja Mohamed Kassim
Founder – Holistic Reiki


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